1.2GHz MMIC Amplifer using AH-1 MMIC

Higher Gain Version

This high gain amplifier will provide 23dBm output across the 23cm band. It is designed to be
driven directly from a VCO or mixer stage and will drive a Mitsubishi RA18H1213G to full output
power. An 10dB input attenuater can be added to allow for 0dBm input.

The driver stage is a Mini Circuits ERA-5 MMIC which provides about 20dBG at 1.2GHz. The main
amplifier is a WJ AH-1 MMIC with 13dBG and a high P1 if 23dBm.
The components apart from the 56ohm bias resistor, are all mounted on the top side of the board.
The bottom side is left as ground. Input and output connectors are SMA type.

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