This design uses the Hittie HMC363 prescaler chip.

It divides the input by 8 so if 10GHz is put in the input the output is 1.25GHz.

Component assy:
To fit the ERA-1, (or NBB-310 for higher frequency performance)
Drill a hole to allow the body of the device to drop down thru the pcb
so the leads are level with the tracks
Snip off the leads to make them about 1mm long
Fit “u” shaped copper strips thru the hole to connect the ground pads to the back plane
Then fit the device, white dot/angled lead is input. I used silver loaded solder paste

To fit the Hittite prescaler
Put a small blob of solder/solder paste under the device and align it.
Solder one corner lead to its pad to locate the device
Apply heat to the adjacent ground pad to melt the solder under the device
Ensure that it has settled down on the ground pad before removing heat.
(I applied heat alternately each end to ensure that it was firmly stuck.)
Solder the rest of the leads to the pads.

When you’re testing it, just apply a finger (grounded, of course) to the top of the package to check the temperature – if it feels hot – it probably isn’t grounded properly. It will be dissipating around 360mW and the ground pad will be a useful mechanism for dissipating the heat.